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Advantages of E-Society

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advantage of global esociety

E-society is a society that includes one or more e-Communities involved in the areas from e-Government, e-Democracy, and e-Business to e-Learning and e-Health,that use information in order to achieve a common interests and goals. The first areas of e-society that emerged were e-Learning and e-Business.
The development of e-Society is relying and depending on the development of virtual reality (VR) technologies that insure interaction between participants of an e-Society in a more acceptable and tangible way.
E-commerce is the revenue generator for businesses that choose to use the Internet to sell their goods and services. Many of the small businesses rely on the Internet to grow and survive.


Provides Job Opportunities

E-commerce act as a bridge between the job seekers and job givers in the society. Human resources can get themselves placed in any organization by posting resumes through internet, some organizations also permit people to work from their home. E-commerce through internet provides a global wide network to identify and train human resource too.

Promotes Cordial Relationship

E-commerce enables people to send gifts, greetings and gift vouchers to friends and relatives anywhere in the world. This promotes cordial relationship between and among individuals in the society.

Provides a Wealth of Information

People through internet can access any information. Just in one click you will be able to access the global information that enhances the knowledge of the people and helps them to transform into a part of a knowledge-based society.

Provides Entertainment

E-commerce helps people to download music, videos and go through latest updates and reviews. It allows people to book tickets to the movies online.

Less Pollution

People can buy any product or service from any location through internet without traveling. Business associates can contact each other from their locations. It reduces traffic and reduces air pollution and contributes to lessen global warming.

Online Education

E-commerce enables the students community to learn and acquire knowledge through online. Students can complete assignments and download information at any time. Discussions with the tutors and with other students can take place with the help of internet.

Online education gives an opportunity for every student to participate in virtual classroom without considering their status, gender and role differences in the society.

Health Care

Medical care and counselling are also provided through internet to the needed people. Doctors and nurses can get professional information and update themselves with the latest health care technologies through internet.

Advantages to the Nation

The following are some of the advantages that e-commerce offers to the Nation.

Reduces Regional Imbalances

Developing countries provide several tax concessions for setting up call centers in remote and rural areas. Call centers provide a lot of employment opportunities. The revenues generated by the nation are allocated towards the development of infrastructure in the rural areas. It brings balanced regional development in the developing countries.

Reduces Unemployment

Business organizations require talented human resources to develop and maintain the website of their business. Even though the business processes are automated, business organization require people to attend to customer queries.

Economic Development

Business organizations can attract customers from anywhere in the world. Increase in customer base results in increased production. This generates greater revenues to the organizations and fosters expansion in national income. Expansion of national income and increase in the volume of production and services accelerate economic growth.

Availability of Goods

Through internet people can buy goods from anywhere in the world. All customer needs are solved by the internet. So, business organizations cannot ride on customers by citing shortage of goods in the local market as the reason.

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Author: dwshop

Author: dwshop

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