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Being the Chairman/Founder and CEO, it is my great honor to welcome you to which is the First Global Business Esociety in the world.  It has been an exciting journey over 2 decades of my experiences in life and business as well, despite numerous obstacles, failures, and challenges I was still able to materialize my dreams of creating a unique project which is the harvest of continuous hard work and perseverance.

The Internet is a powerful tool that has changed how we live and it will continue to evolve in the future. Could you imagine how difficult our life would have been if there was no Internet?  It is a gift of the creator by modern science for humankind. It is noted and is worth mentioning that the Internet has gone through two stages so far, The stage of invention (by the first founder) and The stage of reclassification of the contents (Search Engines).

Now we are in the third stage, where the Internet has played an indispensable role in the worldwide information revolution in the exchange of ideas and information. Thus, the information revolution plays a strategic role in global economic development and is considered “the backbone of the new digital economy.

Technological advancement is always a great tool to mankind to explore unexplored areas of the universe.

To cope up with the global trend, Esociety gather all the comprehensive information in one place that gives you the ability to connect and be connected to the world by just one click. supports the full elements of society (world, countries, governments, private / civil & individual sectors) by disseminating information or content related to products or services that enable millions of people all over the world to reach the global audience and to get advantage of the global market covering all countries and all cities in the world for more business and opportunities thru a win/win situation.

With my favorite slogan “Always there are solutions” will support all elements of society and offer them the total solutions:

Worldworld-market            To contribute to the peaceful coexistence of people, find common markets, promote trades, services, benefit-sharing,              and actively contribute to the good of mankind.


Promotion of tourism, trade and commerce, investment and sustainable development.
Governmente-governmentTo strongly contribute to the dissemination of the concept and services of e-government, provide services to the public (local and global) as well as the definition of activities of the departments,  bodies and laws in order to create a fast and stress free procedures in processing authorities/government documentations and services.

Private Sectors
private-sector-servicesTo define, promote, provide, open new market, alliances, third parties, inter-benefits, survival in the world of big competitors in the market, as provider/service partners,
Individualindividuals-serviceTo facilitate sales and purchasing, reduce internet illiteracy, E-learning, self education, spreading human development, reducing unemployment (by creating/finding new jobs, as provider or service partners with us etc. will be the leading Esociety in the world by staying committed to our core values, Consumer Commitment, Quality and Integrity. We will consistently be doing the right thing for our clients, our partners, our members, our staff and keep updated with the fast-changing technology by offering the latest innovated total solutions.

I hope you find our website informative.  Join with us to our journey of exploring the global network and enjoy the socio-economic benefits and opportunities that Esociety can offer.

Thank you

Mohammed Al Mansoori



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