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Your Guide to Buying a Used PC

Your Guide to Buying a Used PC

If you’re pinching pennies and want to buy a new laptop, going the second-hand route is a great option for you. Classified websites such as Dubizzle and E-Bay can help you buy slightly used computers at great prices. As a first time buyer, you must have a lot of queries and doubts about buying something as expensive as a laptop, without a warranty or from a store. There are also concerns regarding safety since digital security is something that cannot be compromised.

 Let’s take a look at a few things you need to keep in mind when buying a second-hand computer:

1.    Is it worth the price?

Compare the quoted price of the secondhand computer to that of one in new condition. If there isn’t much difference, consider buying a new one instead. Take the prices of accessories (if you’re buying them too) into account when adding up the costs and making your decision.

2.    Take a ‘test run’

If possible, ask the owner if you could check the laptop’s basic functioning in front of them before striking the deal. Check how well the keyboard, trackpad, and mouse works, or if it crashes often. Load an image editor such as Paint or Paint 3D to see the computer’s performance. This is also a chance for you to inspect the computer’s exterior properly – the parts that you could not see on its image posting.

3.    Being safe

One of the biggest risks of buying a second-hand computer is the probability of having malware or spy software on it. This could lead to identity theft and huge losses. To avoid any such threats, remember to wipe or replace your hard disk. Install an anti-virus software to weed out any potential threats. It is better to be safe than sorry.

4.    Buy from credible sites

Buying from credible sites can guarantee buyer protection or some sort of safety against frauds. Stick to popular sites that have good reviews, even if you find a price ‘too good to be true’ on other shady sites. You will still be buying from other individuals, and will be getting a great price.

5.    Do your research

In the end, it all lies in your hands to find a great deal online. Do your research in prior, both about the computer’s brand and the site you’re buying from. The stronger your research, the better your decision will be.

Save money and the environment by buying secondhand electronics. Happy Shopping!

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