A New Beginning: My first day at Dontworry.com

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I’ve only heard of the ‘jolly’ startup culture on popular shows on Netflix. Five minutes at dontworry.com’s office, and I felt as if I’d stepped into a fun office-based sitcom. Seeing everyone cracking jokes and having a good time is a refreshing sight to see on the first day of work, especially in a corporate setting.

I wasn’t this confident when I was walking down Business Bay metro station. I was doused in sweat when I got in the office, from both Dubai’s humidity and my nervousness. My first-day jitters were playing up as I walked into the office. What I didn’t expect was an energy-filled morning pep talk and orientation, all about growing the website to its full potential. That we weren’t just hamsters running a wheel, we were artists creating a masterpiece.

I’d done my prior research on the site beforehand (thank you, interview guides on Pinterest), and I’d realized that it had…literally everything on it. Classifieds, coupons, travel booking, e-shop, e-store, auction, property, job – basically anything you needed on the internet was right there. A handy website, if you ask me.

I did have a fair idea of what I’d be doing from the job description. The discussion on the work I’d be doing left me – as Buzzfeed would say – ‘shook’; finding out that I wouldn’t be just creating static keywords-based content. I’d be writing for people, and not just for a Google algorithm. Because that’s what dontworry.com is about. We’re making life for people way easier, instead of making you scour the internet or juggle apps for services.

My final verdict on the first day? I’d say the website is bound to grow – the team screams success, and everyone seems to love what they do. I’m just glad to be a part of this inclusive group.


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