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What is Sponsorship with

Sponsoring our Platform can have an incredible return on your investment. A sponsorship agreement with us can give you a lot of bang for your marketing buck, boost your brand reach and supplement your online marketing efforts.

Research has found about 81% of trade online visitors have buying authority and 67% of all visitors represent a new prospect and potential customer. This means your company has a fantastic opportunity to showcase and sell your product to a highly engaged target market. More money is being spent on sponsorship worldwide as technology advances we can now give sponsors even more data and insight into their target market.

Still not sure whether our platform sponsorship is right for you? Let’s take a look at the some benefits  your business should consider sponsoring with us.

Your Benefits Being Sponsor

  1. Promote your business locally, globally and be on top of your competitors in your business category.
  2. Take your place before your competitor takes it.
  3. Put your business front and centre
  4. Get in front of your target market
  5. Reconnect with customers and engage with an audience
  6. Generate strong leads
  7. Deliver great ROI

Your Sponsor with us is very simple:-

  1. Fill out the form.
  2. Put your Budget
  3. Submit the form
  4. Highest bidder gets the sponsorship