From E-Commerce to Pop-up Store: Is it Worth It?

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The internet is buzzing with e-commerce sites, making life way easier than it used to be. You can now buy anything, from groceries to books at the comfort of your house in just a click. A lot of these companies have struck it rich through word of mouth (or links). For example, brands like Anastasia Beverly and Too Faced started out online, and are now some of the big names in the makeup industry. We have Kylie Jenner’s lip kit line, a prime example of a brand that grew without a brick and mortar store.

The latest rage among e-commerce startups is the ‘pop up store’ phenomenon. You probably have seen a couple of these kiosks in malls, right smack in the middle of a mall selling their goods out in the open. On taking a closer look, you find many gems worth buying – perhaps an exquisite pair of heels or a lacy top. These stores are seasonal so you wouldn’t be seeing the store a week later, the salesperson would tell you (if you look like you were hesitating).

A lot of e-commerce sites bank on this idea to have a pop shop once in a while. For them, it is an event that makes their brand the talk of the town on social media. Online brands like Kylie Cosmetics and Goop had long lines at their entrance when they had their pop up stores.

A successful pop shop needs a smart marketing strategy, an egg that most internet companies have easily cracked. Advertising online (and sometimes offline) as well as promoting it on social media before their opening can create the right buzz.

Selling their products in real life once in a while gives customers a chance to see products first hand – something which cannot be done when shopping online. It also allows companies to offer exclusive services, such as personalization or calligraphy.

Opening a pop-up store is not inexpensive when you consider all the costs that come with opening one. If it fits your company’s marketing budget and can help you achieve your business objectives, it is definitely worth the time and money.  

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