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These days, it’s remarkably easy to set up your own Website. But what if you want to take your site to the next level, or compete with the well-known directories for local businesses?

How can you make money off your Web site traffic and get people to your site to buy your products, or use your service? All of that serves both of these functions is an “affiliate program”.

What Are Affiliate Programs?

Simply we can say the Affiliate programs are the controllers of some arrangements in which an online merchant Web site have to pay the affiliate Web sites a commission to send them traffic.

These affiliate Web sites manage the process by  posting links to the merchant site and are paid according to a particular agreement.

This agreement is usually depend  on the number of people the affiliate sends to the merchant’s site, or the number of people they send who buy something, or perform some other actions.

The way those  arrangements work is by paying  according to the number of people who visit the page containing their merchant site’s banner advertisement.

Accordingly, if a link on an affiliate site brings the merchant site traffic or money, the merchant site pays the affiliate site according to their mentioned agreement.

Recruiting affiliates is an excellent way to sell your products online,  it can also be a low cost and effective marketing strategy; it’s a good way to get the word out about your site, especially if you are on the top of local business listings.

There are three parties in an affiliate program transaction:

  • The customer
  • The affiliate site
  • The merchant site

A long the years, affiliate programs have grown enormously in popularity, taking many interesting forms. For many Web sites that don’t deal much in e-commerce (selling products or services online) themselves, functioning as an affiliate is a good way to participate in e-commerce.

Affiliate Program Payment Arrangements

The affiliate program payment arrangement depends on three basic types

  • Pay per sale
  • Pay per click
  • Pay per lead

There are a different kinds of other arrangements as well. Basically, a company could set up an affiliate program based on their needs,  or any action that would benefit them, and then pay their affiliates based on the number of customers that the  affiliates send them who perform that action. 

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