What is the selling center?

The selling center  is basically the playground for sellers, it is where you can find everything that you need to sell on Dontworry E-Store. You can list the products, manage and monitor your orders.

Here you are separated from the buyer’s experience to keep you sellers engaged and focused on growing your businesses. You can still buy products on Dontworry Estore by simply navigating to the main site.

We revamped most functionalities to make things easier and faster,  starting from listing your products, going through managing your orders, and ending with getting paid.

To know about how to sell in Dontworry E store click here

The tools are arranged according to their area, as the following:

Dashboard: Shows the most important numbers, action items, and gauges. More details.

Inventory Management: That’s where you manage listing your products. we are giving you multiple tools to manage them whether you need to upload them one by one or all together.

Orders Management: Here you can see customer’s orders for your products. You can follow-up on them and make sure they are delivered to them on time so you can get paid and get their recommendations if all goes well. Check this article out if you need to know more.

Financials: You can see all transactions related to your sales, with details about included fees. Also you would be able to withdraw your money and transfer them to your bank account.

Views : We believe customers’ loyalty comes from great performance. This area is dedicated for achieving this. You can review performance on a monthly basis, as well as managing user’s requests and complaints. Better performance and less complaints means more trust and sales eventually. 

Settings: Nothing special here, you can manage your account’s details and configurations, including your business information, shipping addresses, bank account information, and others. 

You will get more comfortable as you start using them.Get started

How to Register as a Seller on Dontworry E-store
Seller Registration

Start by accessing the Dontworry E-Store website and click the Login/Register Us link at the top of the page

Estore Login

Select I am a Vendor from the Options


Fill the Registration Form inputing your details including your dersired shop name.


Check your email to verify your account.


Setup your store with the Wizard after verifying your email.


Enter Store Address and location and set amount of products per page.

estore payment setup

Setup your payment details where we would pay your store earnings.

estore procedure

Store is ready go to Dashboard to Add Products.

estore dashboard

Full details of the Dashboard and Lebels of different sections

10 tips to increase your sales

The top ten tips and tricks that help to increase your sales and reach more customers.

1- Analyzing the market and competitors.

Make sure to be on top of all the market changes and trends, understanding those will help you make better judgement and seize opportunities before others. Have a look at other competitors who sell your same products categories, and make sure that you capture their strengths so you can follow, and weaknesses as well so you can avoid.

2- Fair and competitive prices

Increasing your prices and profit margins might get more revenue, and when that happens, you will not be the first choice for customers. However less profit would encourage more customers to buy and eventually you will get the same result.

3- Satisfy your customers

Satisfying your customers will build your reputation and will increase your popularity. Make sure you accept all orders and get delivered on time. Negative feedback will make troubles even if how small they are.

4- Sell according to customer’s need

Always make sure to follow what customers are looking for and try to provide it.

5- Provide discounts

We know everybody love discounts, they even encourage customers to buy stuff they don’t really want just because it’s on sale. It will make a hipe on your brand name, makes customers rush to buy your products.

6- Offer free shipping

Same as the above, free shipping is tempting for your customers, the value you get is really worth it.

7- Respond to complaints.

 Listen to what your customers say and help them overcome these problems. It’s not just a disappointed customer and more people will think twice before buying from an untrusted seller.

8- Get positive feedback

Best way to become more trustworthy and popular seller. Customers always choose high rated sellers, so keep monitoring your performance.

9- Use Dontworry E-Store sponsored products feature

Dontworry.com provide you with the sponsored products which will help you show selected products to more customers. We totally recommend using this feature as it increases your presence and reach.

10- Go social

Social media is the trend nowadays. Make sure to spread your reach and attract new customers to come and buy your products. You might also consider social media marketing campaigns that will spread the word on a wider range.

Planning your selling strategy

While it’s easy to create an account and actually start listing your products on Dontworry.com, it’s very important to plan for what you want to sell.

The following points summarise what you need to take into consideration before listing your products on Dontworry.com:
  1. Make sure that you know what to sell, it looks like an easy question but it’s extremely important. Focus on what customers want, and make sure you follow the trends.
  2. Invest some time studying the prices provided by other sellers on Dontworry.com, the competition is very high and prices change on a daily basis. You might consider less profit in exchange of customers love which is totally fair.
  3. If you can’t handle shipping your products to the customers, leave it to us. Dontworry.com offers an experienced fulfillment program where we pickup your items and deliver them to the customers. 

We give the chance for all sellers and we measure by performance, the customers’ satisfaction is the key to win it all.

Our team is always available for your help, don’t hesitate to contact us on support@dontworry.com and we’ll be more than happy to assist.