Importing and Distributing Pesticides ( Insecticides, Acaricides, Nematicides, Fungicides, Rodenticides ) Insect Pheromones, Insect Light Traps, Pheromone Traps, Date Protection Bags, Organic and Chemical Fertilizers, Soil Conditioner, Peatmoss, Potting Soil, as well as Peripheral Products, High Technical Irrigation Systems , High Efficient Spraying Applications, and Ornamental & Vegetable Seeds. AGRISYS represented as an Exclusive Agent & Distributor of more than fifteen International Agrochemical Manufacturers from Europe, USA, Japan and Australia serving both Governmental and Private sector.

AGRO INTEGRATED SYSTEMS EST, also known as (AGRISYS) to Agricultural Sector, was established in 1994 as a Local Company. AGRISYS is committed to Modern Agricultural Management , the Company’s philosophy of a total approach for successful crop protection and production, forms the core of the development of AGRISYS’ full range of Pesticides ( insecticides , acaricides, nematicides, fungicides, rodenticides), organic & chemical fertilizers , soil conditioners, peatmoss, potting soil as well as agriculture necessities.

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